Sunday, November 29, 2009

songs of soloman

i cant be sure but i think this baby quilt could double as a beach towel. i, personally dont like beaches, but maybe the baby does.

Friday, September 25, 2009

its just not fair

this quilt is really wrinkled but i can't be bothered to iron it just imagine it unwrinkled. actually i did iron it to submit it to the state fair. i made it for my friend tanya with all my extra time and fabric i had laying around.

my dad and i had a great debate on whether i should enter this quilt or the keep utah clean quilt which he likes a little more but then he decided this quilt looked like the desert and thought it was ok after all. then he asked if i have a job yet. still no.

close up of the wrinkles. i feel bad like im showing my quilts age or something. sorry quilt you will always look young to me.

i think the back reminds me of the four corners part of utah. i wished i would have thought of that to tell my dad.

(space intentionally left blank)

the best part of the fair was obviously not my quilt but the pigs and the boyz II men concert. but thanks to everyone who went to see it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

your surprise is in that note

quilts for boys with b's. not bs. or bz. z is the new s.
i hear.

Monday, August 3, 2009

someone stole my bike

i made this here quilt for my parents. for christmas. its july or august or something. what does time mean to me? here are very similar looking pictures but i only have these two and with a picture intensive blog i feel that i should post both and consider in the future perhaps a nice close up or two.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

you know how im into ganster rap right

nephew finally got his baby quilt. although it made me late for his blessing and i missed it. and i like blessings. i always want them to change the babys name last minute but i have never seen it happen. i was mad because everyone forgot to invite me but then i accidentally found out about it and had to drive to eagle mountain which i hate. i hate eagle mountain and since i hate it and had to drive there i cursed it with a sore cursing.
but then i got there and i heard a pretty interesting talk about how mormons should hate socialism but not me i love socialism and then i dropped my purse which i was organizing (multi tasking) and i think everyone knew i was liberal.

the back.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

enjoyed by a former friend

if you went to art city days you would have been in for a treat this year. here are some of the quilts we saw. and by we i mean me and my parents. at the quilt show we ran into my great aunt who doesnt remember me (or really anyone to be fair) but she remembers she likes quilts. i think this quilt is about joseph smith jr.

you probably cant see this quilt but the little animals in the middle are walruses. a pink blue and green one but you probably can see that part. whoever made this one is clearly awesome.

flags and flowers were common themes.

as were egyptians.

across the street in the art museum there was a flower show. i went over to the art museum to get an entry form for some quilt show they have there but i probably wont get into it so dont get your hopes up. were your hopes up? get them down.

back to the foliage an entry included a doll looking at herself in the mirror. looking good dolly!

there were balloons and cotton candy everywhere of course.

here is my family at the parade. i would put up a picture of myself but i sort of look like an alcoholic in the morning. i dont promote drinking i just look like i do.

we all showed up to support my mom who is on this float. she is obviously the super excited person under the umbrella. she made me pick out a new outfit months in advance but decided not to wear it due to "weather concerns" but really i heard she was worried she was wearing a rival cities colors.

oh yeah at the quilt show i got to talk to my neighbor who makes birds out of garbage and puts them in his yard.

he is making a new chicken out of a toaster or something. he had a clever name for it which i promptly forgot. i was never good with coming up with or retaining clever names other people came up with.

the end.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

once elin told me no one would ever love me

but this tortilla is not hiding its feelings.

Friday, June 5, 2009

its like living in seattle these days

i like this one. it has a lot of squares. i cant really remember what i was going for when i was making it. im hoping it was a lot of squares. i started it like two years ago so there is no telling what i was thinking. im making one now that is a lot of stripes. and by making one right now i mean i started sewing it six months ago and now i just sort of think about it sometimes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

nephews and scrap quilts

i have a new nephew lucas. i have never actually seen him awake but i can tell he is pretty fun. i havent made him a quilt but i bet he will eventually get one. if he plays his cards right. also i think he weighed 7'11'' and i immediately got a slurpee to celebrate.

here is my outdoors quilt that i dont want to use outdoors anymore because i like it too much. but, for people interested in outdoor quilts, i got a good suggestion once that you can make little pockets in the corners which you can put rocks in to keep it down in the wind. i didnt do that because its hard.

and on a personal note i could be done with allergy season.

Friday, May 8, 2009


my friend summer is having a baby and i made this quilt. its really really pink. and blue because i wont be bossed around by gendered colors.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

maybe converted tonight

i know i know. you are thinking i (i meaning you) have seen all these quilts. at this point you (you meaning me) are just recycling old pictures of quilts you did forever ago because you live at home with your mom and you havent done anything productive in a month. or two months. maybe it was january.

i live at home with my mom. but i dont really like talking about it.

the purple quilt i made for colleen. i went to visit her in january and i got to see the purple quilt again. the quilt seems to like her st george home.

here is baby e's quilt. she likes to smile and hug and i suspect she is the best baby ever.

i made this quilt in a quilting class. the quilt i was supposed to make looks nothing like this. i was never good with patterns. (seriously i mean nothing) (the other quilt had santas on it or something).

and here is colleen with my nine patch. nine patch seems like a pretty tough name for a quilt. i wish it looked a little more macho. and. although i moved home for a bit i am trying to finish up some projects and get rid of some fabric and there should be some new and exciting stuff on this blog shortly. and by new and exciting i mean sort of more of the same.

the end.