Sunday, May 30, 2010

tiger tiger.

burning bright.
i think this this is maybe my favorite fabric ever.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

covers for cover

rainbow quilt!

valentine patch.

this quilt actually has two fronts. which is fun. but hard to quilt i wasnt sure which side to cater to if you know what i mean (and you probably dont).

there are iron ons on the tan patch. see (and you probably don't).

i didnt actually bind so i left it naked and i sort of like it. its my favorite binding yet.

i cant believe how much i like this binding (and you probably dont).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it was like taffy

so i had this idea for a quilt. it involved sewing strips together then cutting those strips and sewing those together and then it would more or less be squares. i might have repeated the process a third time. anyway, here is the result. what i learned from this is that you should probably use a wider variety of fabric than say i used. i would recommend at least ten different colors.

you cant see this but i bound it with a flower stitch. which is cute. really it looks like an oversized place mat so i think its pretty versatile.

my quilts are getting smaller and smaller and someday will probably just be napkins. speaking of place settings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i heard that its all a coverup

so i have been marginally busy lately so i havent been posting as i should.

here are the last two quilts i have is for teresa for her birthday. i realized i sewed the soft side on the inside and it resulted in a christmas fight with me and my mom. however, that was the only fight on christmas so i am going to go ahead and count that as a holiday success. it will just haunt me forever. (i wish my mom read this and felt marginally guilty but she doesnt so i will have to try other passive aggressive ways to communicate with her).

this was the quilt i imagined would be all stripes.

and this one is baby welkerjensons quilt. i made it sort of small. which seems like a terrible idea reflecting on the heights of her welkerjenson i apologize in advance if this quilt doesnt cover your toes.

and baby welkerjenson i hope you like purple and pink and the feminist movement.