Saturday, February 28, 2009

barometer for pretty happy

yes so today i finished a quilt not pictured and i had an apartment openhouse so that i can fulfill a life time dream to live with my mom in my thirties and while i was finishing said quilt i was by the window and noticed a creepy guy outside and i was thinking oh i hope that creepy guy isnt going to look at my apartment because i had just discussed with tanya that i really didnt want any creepy guys in my apartment which is why i stopped having hometeachers. anyway. said creepy guy went away and i was relieved. and then he came back in fifteen minutes so i figured he had moved in and i was like oh great good thing i am moving. but then at the end of my apartment open house he knocked on the door (from from just what i saw was his third time coming into my apartment complex) and was even more creepy then i had even imagined. he didnt even look at my apartment but probably was just trying to figure out how best to break in and kill me dead.

he was about 5 10 and had sandy blond hair and a green plaid shirt.

Friday, February 6, 2009

shake your booties

pipper's sent me some pics of him modeling his quilt.

babies really appreciate presents. actually they dont care. today i gave baby E a valentine shirt in case she has a baby boyfriend. it has lots of hearts and glitter and i think she liked it.

i call this one baby burrito.
this post made me wonder if you can glitter a quilt.