Wednesday, March 25, 2009

dark is the night

i had a dream which i think stemmed from a conversation with colleen in which she asked what the difference is between a sociopath and a psychopath. i said a sociopath had no empathy and can kill people but be smart about it but a psychopath lost touch with reality and just starts killing people. both are to be avoided. i dont know. its sounds right to me. so then i had a dream that i was at the store and some kids started robbing it. i came back to find that the quilt i had been making my grandma (who wasnt really my grandma because she is dead and it didnt even look like her) was destroyed in the robbery. and i was so annoyed. anyway my grandma had already called the insurance company to make a claim on the quilt. they were giving her $3 a yard. but then the kids came back and they started killing everyone and i kept trying to call 911 but i called all the other number variations of 911 instead.

and, i just finished one of my favorite quilts so far. i gave it to brian as the sole follower of surging urges. he claims he doenst have a camera and he flushed his phone down the toilet which i thought only happened in movies so the quilt is not pictured. imagine a really good one.