Thursday, April 29, 2010

covers for cover

rainbow quilt!

valentine patch.

this quilt actually has two fronts. which is fun. but hard to quilt i wasnt sure which side to cater to if you know what i mean (and you probably dont).

there are iron ons on the tan patch. see (and you probably don't).

i didnt actually bind so i left it naked and i sort of like it. its my favorite binding yet.

i cant believe how much i like this binding (and you probably dont).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it was like taffy

so i had this idea for a quilt. it involved sewing strips together then cutting those strips and sewing those together and then it would more or less be squares. i might have repeated the process a third time. anyway, here is the result. what i learned from this is that you should probably use a wider variety of fabric than say i used. i would recommend at least ten different colors.

you cant see this but i bound it with a flower stitch. which is cute. really it looks like an oversized place mat so i think its pretty versatile.

my quilts are getting smaller and smaller and someday will probably just be napkins. speaking of place settings.