Friday, September 25, 2009

its just not fair

this quilt is really wrinkled but i can't be bothered to iron it just imagine it unwrinkled. actually i did iron it to submit it to the state fair. i made it for my friend tanya with all my extra time and fabric i had laying around.

my dad and i had a great debate on whether i should enter this quilt or the keep utah clean quilt which he likes a little more but then he decided this quilt looked like the desert and thought it was ok after all. then he asked if i have a job yet. still no.

close up of the wrinkles. i feel bad like im showing my quilts age or something. sorry quilt you will always look young to me.

i think the back reminds me of the four corners part of utah. i wished i would have thought of that to tell my dad.

(space intentionally left blank)

the best part of the fair was obviously not my quilt but the pigs and the boyz II men concert. but thanks to everyone who went to see it.


Colls said...

it's just not fair. That's funny. You don't usually use liners that actually make sense, but this one did. Wow what has gotten into you? I like the desert quilt. I love all of your quilts. Quilt me a rainbow.

natali said...

oh yeah i dont understand i always make sense and i love rainbows.