Wednesday, June 24, 2009

enjoyed by a former friend

if you went to art city days you would have been in for a treat this year. here are some of the quilts we saw. and by we i mean me and my parents. at the quilt show we ran into my great aunt who doesnt remember me (or really anyone to be fair) but she remembers she likes quilts. i think this quilt is about joseph smith jr.

you probably cant see this quilt but the little animals in the middle are walruses. a pink blue and green one but you probably can see that part. whoever made this one is clearly awesome.

flags and flowers were common themes.

as were egyptians.

across the street in the art museum there was a flower show. i went over to the art museum to get an entry form for some quilt show they have there but i probably wont get into it so dont get your hopes up. were your hopes up? get them down.

back to the foliage an entry included a doll looking at herself in the mirror. looking good dolly!

there were balloons and cotton candy everywhere of course.

here is my family at the parade. i would put up a picture of myself but i sort of look like an alcoholic in the morning. i dont promote drinking i just look like i do.

we all showed up to support my mom who is on this float. she is obviously the super excited person under the umbrella. she made me pick out a new outfit months in advance but decided not to wear it due to "weather concerns" but really i heard she was worried she was wearing a rival cities colors.

oh yeah at the quilt show i got to talk to my neighbor who makes birds out of garbage and puts them in his yard.

he is making a new chicken out of a toaster or something. he had a clever name for it which i promptly forgot. i was never good with coming up with or retaining clever names other people came up with.

the end.

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