Sunday, April 5, 2009

maybe converted tonight

i know i know. you are thinking i (i meaning you) have seen all these quilts. at this point you (you meaning me) are just recycling old pictures of quilts you did forever ago because you live at home with your mom and you havent done anything productive in a month. or two months. maybe it was january.

i live at home with my mom. but i dont really like talking about it.

the purple quilt i made for colleen. i went to visit her in january and i got to see the purple quilt again. the quilt seems to like her st george home.

here is baby e's quilt. she likes to smile and hug and i suspect she is the best baby ever.

i made this quilt in a quilting class. the quilt i was supposed to make looks nothing like this. i was never good with patterns. (seriously i mean nothing) (the other quilt had santas on it or something).

and here is colleen with my nine patch. nine patch seems like a pretty tough name for a quilt. i wish it looked a little more macho. and. although i moved home for a bit i am trying to finish up some projects and get rid of some fabric and there should be some new and exciting stuff on this blog shortly. and by new and exciting i mean sort of more of the same.

the end.


Colls said...

yes i was definitely converted 2 nite. i am hotttt in this post. thanks for upping my street cred. i love my quilt too.

Heba said...

I think Baby E's quilt is my new favorite quilt. I would take it ANY day over a santa quilt. Also, I miss your green home. I think about it sometimes.