Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i heard that its all a coverup

so i have been marginally busy lately so i havent been posting as i should.

here are the last two quilts i have is for teresa for her birthday. i realized i sewed the soft side on the inside and it resulted in a christmas fight with me and my mom. however, that was the only fight on christmas so i am going to go ahead and count that as a holiday success. it will just haunt me forever. (i wish my mom read this and felt marginally guilty but she doesnt so i will have to try other passive aggressive ways to communicate with her).

this was the quilt i imagined would be all stripes.

and this one is baby welkerjensons quilt. i made it sort of small. which seems like a terrible idea reflecting on the heights of her welkerjenson i apologize in advance if this quilt doesnt cover your toes.

and baby welkerjenson i hope you like purple and pink and the feminist movement.


Colls said...

I am highly glad you posted after being marginally sad you hadn't posted in a while. You really are a quilting machine. I guess I could call you a sewing machine, but that would be a very cheezy pun.

natali said...

ha i am a sewing machine would be a good t shirt.

Nelka said...

I love your quilts! And some of those fabrics, oh my goodness...