Thursday, January 29, 2009

sorry about your cat and your hair

i think all my quilts are starting to look the same. im not in a rut im just lazy and babies are being born all over the place. this one was born in canada. the baby not the quilt. colls had a nephew (theophilus)(aka pip)(i call him pippers)(something tells me he will request not to be called pippers in the near future). this is pippers quilt.
i wanted it to be green but colleen said pippers likes blue or maybe that was just his mom but i figured color preference is probably hereditary.

quilting blogs are not very exciting. b was asking me the other day if i started a new blog and i said no its a sewing blog so its a snooze and he said oh you mean sewooze. (i feel like i quoted him wrong). to spice it up i added a picture of me and colls trying to get our joint modeling career off the ground.


Colls said...

this pic is entitled "getting nosy" and i am just staring at natali like usual. pippers will always be called pippers. or i want to call him mr. piptato head.

natali said...

my nephew got a mr. potato head for christmas. it was four times the size of the original and contained smaller potato heads inside. it sounds like a freaky dream but its all true.

brian said...

you just have a style. i always feel like my songs are all exactly the same (and, in a way, they are).